A Sad Business

“Dear Tarot Guru, I’ve been asked to go into business with an acquaintance.  I know of his work only through what he’s been telling me, not through others.  Should I go forward?  Can I trust him?’   -B.F.”

Dear B.F.,

Here are your cards, delivered hot off the griddle from the All-Knowing tarot-angels:


Tip #1: If a man holding a chalice is riding a horse towards you, the chalice is most likely empty and he is probably drunk.  If said man is riding a horse upside-down and still holding a chalice, he is most likely on PCP, or you are.  Either way, get out of the way.  Run.  Unless, of course,  you are the type of person who relishes emotional immaturity, egoism, and stalled progress of any kind.  I understand this is a highly popular relationship style amongst certain segments of our drama-starved population, but if you already have your fill of frustration, tears and ulcers, run my friend.

The second card elaborates on this ‘spilled-chalice’ theme.  This man is just plain used to spilling his drinks.   He sees relationships, and life in general, as unstable, unreliable and changeable.  Relationships have caused, and continue to cause him grief.  Life is difficult for him, and, frankly, I hope he can either grow up, stop drinking/PCPing or seek help with his mistrust and chronic disappointment.

Finally, the last card is not a pretty one for succeeding in business.  There are delays, obstacles, or just not enough fertilizer in the ground for his garden to flourish.  He’ll need to sweat more than most to accomplish growth in his business.  I’m sorry, B.F., but in the words of the great philosopher, Calvin:

“You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don’t help.”

Find another business opportunity.

Yours for better or worse,

Tarot Guru Kim


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