Where is the Love?

“Dear Tarot Guru

What should I work on within myself so that I can have a fulfilling love life?

Thank you!

Twisted 5th Sister”


Dear Twisted;

I will begin with a koan:

Nobly, the great priest
deposits his daily stool
in bleak winter fields

Twisted, you have lost your swerve.  You’ve dropped your torch–forgotten even how to hold a torch.  That devious light that once burned inside of you? – it’s snuffed out.   Have you secretly become a nun?  I ask this seriously, because the Devil card reversed tells us you are rejecting and/or repressing your shadow-side–the fun side, the struggle-y, often smelly side that gives life its kick.  You’d rather not deal with any poo right now.

Now, how can you accept a lover in this state?  How can a fulfilling lover accept you?  Lovers are fun, struggle-y and smelly.  It takes  a lot of luck and some work to find one, and since your confidence left town to have an affair with your enthusiasm, you are left whispering into the void.  I am truly sorry to witness this Tarot-scene of lost joy.

How will you get your joy back?  How will you re-light your own fire?  Find a way to set yourself on fire–


        -vacation in a blazing tropical paradise

        -learn how the art of fire-swallowing or walking on hot coals

        -take up tantric yoga

or figuratively:

        -follow every passionate impulse you have

        -stop doing everything in life that makes you feel like a wet towel.

You asked the question, therefore, you do want fulfilling love.  You can find fulfilling love.  I wish you luck and Godspeed in re-kindling your spunk.  Turn those cards right-side up and you will attract more than you can imagine.



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