But Doctor it Hurts All Over…

Over the last 12 days it is estimated that over 150 million Americans felt moderate to acute pain of some sort.  We witnessed a major, devastating hurricane (affecting about 15 million people) and held a national election (“negatively” affecting roughly 135 million people).  For the latter group, it is estimated their pain was the direct result of the lack of validation for their world-view.  A blow to the ego really sucks.  It’s happened to me before, it happens to all of us at some point in life.  But it ain’t no hurricane.

Given the tremendous, collective wailing out there, all ‘mundane’ tarot questions seemed trivial, so Tarot Guru decided to follow the advice of one of her great teachers* (Christiana Gaudet) and ask, “What does the Universe want us to know?”–‘us’ being the residents of this great country.

ImageOh, my poor America.  A great many of us are wounded.  And inconsolable.  The 10 of Swords is a doozie.  It epitomizes misery, it reeks of agony.  It tells us that even your dog has turned on you.

In tarot the suit of swords symbolizes the mental realm-the ideas produced by the sweaty human brain.  Swords are ideologies and beliefs and the sword is also the instrument by which we have defended those beliefs.  But, here in this card we have been maimed by them.  Maimed by our own beliefs, as well as others’.  We have literally stabbed ourselves in the ass.

People, here in the Tarot I.C.U., is your dose of life-saving medicine:  They are only ideas.  No one has physically attacked you.  The reality is that most of those suffering since Nov. 6th have enough food, shelter, clothing and love around them.  They live a pretty good life.  The problem is merely their egos.  They are victims of the hurricane in their heads.

I propose a collective ECT.  Here it is: relinquish the pain, dust yourself off, and move on.  A new beginning awaits you if you can put your ego to bed.  And that black dog that was barking at you as you lay bleeding?  That’s all the garbage that was rotting inside of you: order it to leave you in peace.

In Tarot, after the number 10 comes number 1: a new cycle, a better day, an opportunity to be grateful for what you really have and to use it in love.

Now, I also asked the cards to show me what we need to know about President Obama.  I was ready for anything, because I trust tarot that much.  If the Devil showed up, I would accept and meditate and report to you accordingly.  I inhaled, and drew:


 The King of Cups stands at the turbulent sea.  This is a leader who  guided by his higher Self and who is naturally in touch with the ‘current of the masses’.  He is generous, sensitive, kind and focused.  He knows the water is choppy right now, but he remains calm and fixed on the higher goal here: the Golden Chalice/the Grail, or:

The wisdom that is from above… first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

— (James, III-17)

and also:

“…the highest level of spiritual development and…earthly happiness”  – Jean Raffa 
Something to chew on in post-op.
Tarot-Guru Kim

2 thoughts on “But Doctor it Hurts All Over…

  1. First, thanks for the shout-out, and for putting my blog post into action. Most importantly, thank you for a really smart, cogent, spiritual look at tarot, our country, and what we need to do to fix things. Well done!

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