Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho

Dear Tarot Guru,
I recently made some career changes and started a new job. I find there are certain aspects of this new position that require some “adjustment” on my behalf. Am I capable of such adjustments? Is this the right move for me? Will I ultimately be successful in this job? Will I ever grow to like it?
-A Working Sucker

Dear Working Sucker;

I went deeper with your reading,using 11 cards, as 3 cards seemed unable to fully address your concerns.

Now, whatever it is you do, you do it well and you do it with focus.  You are precise and organized about it.  The first card tells us so.
In the words of a famous focused worker: “It’s just a job.  Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand.  I beat people up.” -Muhammad Ali

8 of coins Kat

The next 5 cards represent the facts of the matter:

Golden Tarot 9 of Swords  Queen Wands Kat  2 Cups Kat  7 coins Kat  Lovers golden

Two very specific ideas are presented here:

#1: You are a woman who can handle agony in any type of relationship- in this case work relationships.

#2: If your workplace is not a brothel or dating service, it should be because there’s a lot of hanky-panky going on there.  It’s like a soap opera-the plot thickens each day.  When the 2 of Cups and the Lovers flank the 7 of Coins, you have some reliably juicy interactions going on.  I tend to think this bothers you and no one would ever know it because you are the strong Queen of Wands.

Now, the next 5 cards give us a behind-the-scenes look.  They’re about your needs, and inner motivations with regard to the situation.

Ace Cups Kat  hanged man kat  Empress Kat  3COINS Kat  10SW golden

Working Sucker, you are really a kind, dedicated Sucker  Martyr.  There is a real beauty to your self-sacrifice.  But the Almighty spirits of Tarot say that if you continue to maintain a position of servant in this environment, there is pain ahead.  Betrayal, perhaps.  Can you adjust?  Yes.  It seems you have done so already, so you can continue.

I advise you to use your passivity and gentleness wisely.  I do not like to see bloody scenes in the workplace.  I do not want you to manifest physical pain because you won’t assert yourself.  In a nutshell, your kindness and sacrifice may lead you to a bad place.  Try to change your approach–become more like the fiery Queen of Wands on the inside, too.  I’d like you to avoid looking like the guy in the last card at all costs.

Best Wishes!

Tarot Guru


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